Favorite Vendors

This is a list of vendors in the Phoenix area that I have had the pleasure of working with over the years. They will take good care of you! No one receives any referral fees, these are just people or companies that I love to work with and who I trust to give quality service to my clients. You will not be disappointed!



Make-Up Artists:

Hair Stylist:

  • SINCERELY YOURS SALON – Patricia Burkhardt Mitchell | www.syshair.com


DJ Services:





Music on this website:

In case you are wondering, the wonderful music that you are listening to on my website is provided courtesy of my good friend Jason Gerardo. Please visit his site www.jasongerardo.com to discover more about Jason and his music.

DJ GROOVETECH – Dave Leden | www.djgroovetech.comDJ GROOVETECH – Dave Leden | www.djgroovetech.com IMG_6823IMG_6823