Frequently Asked Questions


Are you available for travel?
Absolutely! I will travel anywhere in the USA and beyond. I have a valid passport and am used to travel the world. I will go anywhere!

Do you require reimbursement for travel?
I do not charge gas or travel expenses within the state of Arizona except for one hotel night following the wedding. For travel outside of Arizona, I would expect actual expense reimbursement for gas, airfare, hotel, airport transfers as needed.

Are you are a member of any associations or groups specific to the industry?
Yes, I am an active member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals)

What type of camera will you use?
I use professional level Canon digital SLR equipment: Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EOS 40D cameras along with an assortment of Canon L quality lenses. I also have flash equipment but try to only use it when it is absolutely necessary as I tend to prefer working in natural light. I also have plenty of other fun gadgets that I use on occasion depending on lighting conditions and situations. I take great care of my equipment and take pride in maintaining it to the highest standards. I also have plenty of memory cards to use and do not erase them until I have made sufficient downloads and backups of your images.

Do you use an assistant? Is there an extra charge for this?
Are you talking about an assistant or a second shooter?… Upon request, I do bring an assistant and/or second shooter with me but I will be the one who will interact with you and your family.  Yes, there is an extra charge for this of $100 per hour to a maximum of $600 for an all-day (usually about 8 hours) coverage.

Will there be backup equipment available?
Beside the two cameras that I carry, I do have adequate backup equipment of the same type and quality.

What happens if you are ill?
Should I be ill and unable to photograph your wedding myself (it’s never happened before) I would make sure to give you ample notice but in any case I do have access to a network of fellow professional photographers with similar expertise available for backup.

Can other people take photos while you are taking photos?
Yes, absolutely as long as schedule permits. However in our Wedding Agreement, there is a clause that will state that Studio Laurent is the only official photographer at the wedding and reception. As long as they do not interfere with the job that we are paid to do, I do not mind guests taking pictures and will even allow for a few minutes after each pose, once my shots are taken, for guests to take their own pictures if they want.

Should our event last longer than scheduled, will you stay? Extra charge?
I do not charge by the hour unless you choose the half-day wedding package (up to 4 hours). But my preference is definitely my all-day wedding package which will include any overtime needed. Even the best planned weddings can sometimes run a bit longer than expected and I want to make sure that I capture all the important shots and those agreed to in our wedding agreement. Beside, I actually enjoy what I do when photographing weddings so I would never leave before the end 

How many photos come in each package?
I shoot an unlimited number of photos during a wedding. A minimum of 500 photos come in all packages.

What types of photos will be taken (B/W, Color, Antiques, etc..)?
Because I only shoot with digital equipment, any image can be converted to B/W, color, sepia tone or any other special effects. I use Adobe CS3 and have extensive experience with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and can virtually do any effect or correction that you may want. I would want to discuss your desires and tastes during our initial consultation.

What style will you use (posed and formal, relaxed, photojournalistic, creative, artistic, candid, traditional, etc.)?
I actually try not to classify myself into any specific genre of wedding photography (posed, relaxed, photojournalistic, traditional… etc). I photograph every wedding a little differently in a way that helps to convey your respective personalities as well as the look and feel of the day. You can look through my portfolio and that will be the style and quality that you can expect. Making my client look great while still natural is my top priority and I look forward to meeting with you to discuss your taste in greater details. I also aim to be as discreet as possible and conduct my work with the least intrusion possible in the lives of those that I am documenting so that you can enjoy your special celebration. This usually results in more candid look to the photos and lets me record the emotions of the entire process from beginning to end with little to no intervention, except during the formals or posed pictures.

Will you accept of list from us, for specific photos to be taken?
Absolutely and especially for the formals and posed shots with family members. We can also discuss this in more details during our initial consultation.

What attire will you and your assistants wear?
We will fit in just like a guest.

How long after the event will the proofs be ready?
Online proofs will generally be available within 4-6 weeks of the wedding. Sometimes quicker depending on my schedule. I will contact you as soon as they are ready.

What type and how much assistance will you provide in planning our album?
I want you to be fully satisfied with your album as it will be cherished for years to come. That’s why our initial consultation is so important as it allows me to get to know you and discuss your tastes, likes and dislikes. I will provide you a draft design that you will be able to view online and then we can discuss any adjustment that you may want before your album goes to print.

Will you give us digital full resolution files?
Are you asking about “negative” or “post-processed” images? Depending on the wedding package/options chosen, yes digital full resolution files can be provided. The “digital negatives” are not cropped or retouched like the photos from the album or those available for purchase from our online sales gallery. Post processed images will be fully edited and optimized for printing and can also be added to any wedding package. Should a CD-DVD of the images be provided to you, I will retain the copyright for the images, but you will have the printing rights.

Do you have any references we can contact?
I do not provide contact information of past clients but you are welcome to check out my “Raves” page.

When do we pay?
A non-refundable “retainer” deposit equal to half of the total price is required up front to secure your date and before any deliverables are provided. The balance is due 30 days prior to the wedding day. An additional photographer may be available for $150 per hour.

Are there any additional charges not mentioned? Taxes, gratuity, etc.?
No. All charges will be fully spelled out in our contract.